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How to Best Prepare Your Employees when Filming a Promotional Video


We cannot overemphasize the importance of creating a promotional video for your company. Again, making a video to make the market aware of your brand is the most cost-effective strategic tool. First of all, a video is livelier, more spontaneous and can pierce through the emotions of the viewers. Unlike plain text or pictures, the audience prefers watching a video because they can get the message in an instant while watching an interesting clip. The company you hire to create your branding video needs to be the best of the best. They need to be able to help you manage your team, and create the best branding video that captures your company’s essence.

Why You Should Get a Promotional Video

Another cool thing about creating a video is that it is shareable. You can embed the video on your company website, your personal website, and ask your staffs to post it on their social media accounts. The result will be an instant word-of-mouth without going through a lot of hassles. Speaking of getting the help of your staff, can you ask them to participate in video making process?

Sure you can, and they will be very willing to oblige, I bet. But you have to know that not all your staffs are comfortable in front of the camera. Some are shy while others may not speak clearly into the microphone. A good suggestion is for you to hold an “audition” to know who among your staff “has it”. Los Angeles production company, Lemonlight Media has often told their clients that in order to film a video with staff members it is best to have a fun and relaxed environment on set. People who may not be camera shy might get shy if the environment surrounding the shoot is not as relaxed as it could be. Once you pinpoint good actors, it’s time to prepare the script.

You won’t need to hire professional scriptwriters to do it since the production company you hire will most likely take care of this part. Once you selected the right person in their team, sit down with them and discuss your plan. Tell them how you want your company to be perceived by the audience after watching the video. Discuss with them all the elements of the company that you want the market to be aware of. Good things to point out is things that you can offer that your competitors don’t.

Now that you have good actors and writers, it’s time to choose the right production team. It is best to do thorough research, as the production company you hire needs to be very professional and competent. Ask what sort of lighting, director, make-up artist, props, cameraman, they are bringing. With this information, you can gauge if they are professional. Once the video production company is selected, gather all the production team and do a pre-production orientation.

The pre-production meeting is the best time to discuss to your employees their role in making the video. It is also an opportunity for them to know each other and be comfortable with one another. If they are comfortable working with each other, they will be more cooperating and they will enjoy making the video. When your staff loves what they do, it will show in the finished product making your video effective and memorable.

Have the production company you hire to go through different suggestions they may have with the actors on your staff. How they should behave on camera, what sort of clothing to wear that day, and if they should bring a change of clothes, etc. It is best to have this sit down a week before you shoot so everyone can prepare.