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The Basic Tools You Need in Your House

There are many home repair tasks that you can fix on your own. DIY is one best solution to maintain the great condition of your Washington DC Luxury property. At the same time, it will save you money from paying repairmen to do small tasks such as changing light bulbs in your porch or the lock of the front door. Here are the basic tools that you need for DIY simple home maintenance problems:

  1.    Safety glasses

The eye is one of the most important yet the most neglected part of the body. It is essential that you keep your eyes protected against dust or chips. When solid elements get into the eyes, they can irritate your eyes or worse, can lead to serious eye damage. To prevent eye accidents, it is advisable that you use safety goggles- similar to the type that you are using in your chemistry lab. Wear goggles that are not too loose or too tight.

  1.    A hammer

This is a must-have tool in every Georgetown real estate household. In general, you need at least two hammers- a lightweight and a heavy-duty type. The lighter hammer can be used for the tasks that involve smaller things like fixing nails into the drywall. If you will be nailing into studs, a bigger hammer is necessary. When buying for a hammer, it is advisable that you choose a fiberglass handle than wood since it gives off an intense vibration necessary to carry the job of pounding the surface really well.

  1.    A cordless drill

A cordless is better than its corded counterpart in so many ways. First, it is more mobile since you can still do the drilling in areas where there is no electrical outlet. It also has a steadier flow of torque which makes the drilled holes more smooth and consistent. When choosing for a cordless drill, select the type that is operated in 12 volts or more. A drill with less than 12 volts can stress the motor out even when doing lighter tasks.

  1.     A vacuum cleaner

Dust and dirt is the number one destroyer of homes. It is necessary that you do vacuum at least every other day. Small particles of dust that join the air inside your house are dangerous for your family’s health.  They can get into the lungs that can trigger asthma, eye irritation and some forms of allergies. Choose powerful house vacuums that can handle even small particles such as carpentry debris. There are types of vacuums that have powerful motors yet still lightweight. Choose this type to make your job easier.