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Valuable Tips in Childproofing Your Home

Having children in a home is no doubt one of the happiest situations one can be into. For first-time home buyers, a good number of them are also first-time parents who are still working their way around the intricacies of parenthood. Part of being a smart parent is ensuring the safety of your child, especially if you have just moved in or about to move into your new Hidden Hills home. Here are some effective and valuable tips that will help childproof your new home and keep your kids safe and away from different kinds of injuries.

  1.    Your outlets must be covered – one of the first things that you need to childproof in your home is your electrical outlets. With the playful and explorative nature of children, some would stick their fingers inside exposed outlets, putting them at risk of electric shock. By investing in these plastic covers, you will keep your children safe from getting electrocuted, even if they go near these outlets.
  2.    Corner and edge guards matter – you should also invest in corner and edge guards. As children tend to run, crawl, climb, and jump in almost every area of your home, you need to keep the corners and edges of your tables covered with rubber guards. This will help keep your kids from sustaining bumps and other head injuries when they accidentally hit the different corners and edges around your Hidden Hills house.
  3.    Stop the door – you may also want to consider buying door stoppers, which keep the door from closing and slamming because of strong winds, among other reasons. There will be times when kids will put their tiny fingers right in between the doors. With the help of stoppers, you can rest assured that the doors will not close accidentally while your children are playing near the area. Moreover, these stoppers will also keep your children from locking themselves inside the rooms.
  4.    Secure the cabinets – apart from the doors of the rooms, children also love playing hide and seek inside cabinets. Make sure that your cabinet doors have latches attached to them so your kids cannot open them easily.
  5.    Invest in safety gates – you should also install safety gates on your stairway. This will keep your kids from climbing the stairs and accidentally falling.
  6.    Purchase a baby monitor – lastly, you should also invest in a baby monitor that will help you check on your infants and toddlers even if you are busy in the other room. A baby monitor will basically serve as your eyes on your children even if you are several meters away, or even if you are busy at work in the office.